Saturday, April 11, 2009

My College

Good day to you and welcome to MAHSA.
Thank you for choosing MAHSA for your Degree Programme

The degree programme is B.Sc (Hons) in Nursing Practice Development (Northumbria University of United Kingdom), one of the best modern universities in UK (the top 5 ranking)

It is a distance learning programme with 2 weeks interactive Block (face to face). The class is on Thursday, Friday , Saturday and Sunday only x 2 weeks. The rest of your studies via online and blackboard thru e-learning. You no need to come to college but you still can continue your studies through internet access.

The duration of this programme is two years.

There are 4 teaching blocks or semesters in this programme.

Each teaching block or semester, students are expected to attend fulltime classes 4 days a week x two weeks only (830 – 5.00pm)

The Fundamental of the Programme are:

To offer a rigorous and flexible learning environment that accommodates student need
and enhances the student experience;

To assist the Ministry of Health in Malaysia achieves graduate status for its health care
Professional educators and clinical nurse specialist, Medical Assistants and ward

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